The Healthy Mind Toolkit…… Robbi Jan

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The Healthy Mind Toolkit…… Robbi Jan

Robbi Jan, 24 years old with a degree in Oral Health Therapy believes that being healthy is not a fad. Working in the health industry, her specialty is cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and she loves working with children, for children. 

Happy life is generally described to as the awareness of somebody or individual about the present state of mind to make his or her decision for successful and happy life. Yoga and relaxation is the first and best practice for stress free life and everybody should support and aim to do this in order to support healthy mind which is very much required for successful strategies and practice to engage young generation especially kids for better tomorrow.

In order to keep your mind healthy you have to keep yourself healthy. Your body needs to be in proportion by eating right types of food. Every individual is unique. Everybody is different. So understand your body first before applying any mechanics of weight loss.

Robbi Jan says Healthy is not a fad…. It’s your primary duty towards yourself.

  • Have you tried losing weight but are not successful?
  • Is your weight coming in between finding the right match for yourself?
  • Is post pregnancy weight not going away?
  • Do you have health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, joint and skin problems, high cholesterol, fatty liver etc. due to your extra weight?
  • Have you tried dieting and gym but the weight does not go?
  • Is your weight affecting your relationship with your partner?
  • Is weight loss your mission? 

Healthy mind makes your mind and body to be unified

These days, people are continuously seeking the help of organic and natural remedies for weight gain problems. In fact, these remedies have become really popular, because they barely have any side effects.

Nutrition is one of the biggest factors in improving your health. Nutrition affects the metabolism and helps in the process of browning. You may be surprised to know that the fat in your body is made up of different colors. WAT white adipose tissue has become a very hot topic in research, due its fat burning capacity for losing weight.

Robbi Jan strongly believes that good physical and mental health stem from being well happy.

What do you understand by right Nutrition?

  • Elements required for body functions
  • Energy requirement for day today activities.
  • Substances required for body repair/growth.

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