How To Love Yourself

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How To Love Yourself

Self-love comes in many shapes and sizes – and yes, you can learn how to love yourself when you don’t feel like it!

Feeling Like Self-love is Sometimes Impossible?

I’ve been there myself. But no, blaming yourself when feeling a bit under the weather won’t actually help.

Instead, try this: shower yourself with self-love and kindness and compassion.

*and I’d add ice cream and beach days and dog kisses but that’s just me – you do you*

Self-love comes in many shapes and sizes – and knowing how to love yourself when you don’t feel like it is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Read on to find out how!

1. Don’t Compare Yourself

Comparing yourself with others is the number one enemy of self-love.

Why bother? Life isn’t a competition. It’s never about what others have and you don’t – it’s about appreciating what you have.

Can you imagine how boring we’d be if we’re all the same?  

You’re unique and wonderful and you have something no one else in the world has – cherish yourself enough to always remember this.  

2. Social Media Doesn’t Really Mean Anything

Social media isn’t really the best foundation to build self-love on.

Actually, it’s not even the place where you should measure your self-worth in the first place. *and if a blond girl posing in a bikini on Instagram is telling you this then it’s got to be true*

The thing is, not everything you see there is real. Some of it is just really good lighting and waterproof makeup.

Don’t compare the very worst of yourself with someone’s Instagram very best. *hint – it’s not real*

Focus on the real worldinstead. Do something fun offline. Spend time with family & friends. Ipromise you, that’s when all the good things happen!

3. Wave Your Inner Critic Goodbye  

If you’re a perfectionist like I am, then you know what it feels like to constantly have to deal with that mean voice at the back of your mind: You’re not good enough. Nothing you do is ever good enough. *ugh*

But here’s a little secret: that voice doesn’t matter.

Really, it doesn’t. That voice isn’t your true self – it’s just your ego pulling tricks on you.  Don’t let your inner critic get in the way of self-love.

Best way to fight it?

Develop self-empathy. Be kind towards yourself. And next time you hear that voice doing some monkey business in your head, confront it – let the voice know you are good enough.

4. Have Faith 

Okay, so this isn’t me preaching religion here – See, the thing is, having faith in something means you know how to find comfort. It means trusting something bigger than yourself, bigger than life. For me that is where my Christianity and love for Jesus comes in. It gives me hope.

And once you trust something so much, you let go. You stop judging yourself. You stop pointing fingers to yourself. You stop hating yourself – and you make some room for love to get in.

If Jesus can love you as you are, why wouldn’t you be able to love yourself? 

What do you do to love yourself, even when you don’t feel like it?

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